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What I Use(d) Databases For

Isn’t it the joke that the cobbler’s son goes barefoot, or that the doctor’s kids are always sick?  So, does this mean that database people should.. use databases?  Well, of course!  This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is about what we use databases for more in our personal lives. Thanks to Todd for the interesting topic 🙂

I started using them personally for a couple of reasons – for practice, and because, well, I needed to track data.  So, what do we need to track data for? Well, in my case, it was (dum dum dum) …. my first wedding. Who were invited? What were their addresses? Were they invited to the shower? What gifts did they give? (Inevitably my mom needed to know so she knew what level of gift to give their kids when the time came. You know how that goes.)

I also went ahead and printed out my own invitations. Do you KNOW how expensive those things are?  Well, if you’ve ever gotten married, then I suppose you might. You can get embossed, very pretty card stock for a WHOLE lot less than the invitations.  And then, voila – print them out from the database. Okay, I have to make a confession – it was in Access. (I know, go ahead, get it all out. Yuk yuk yuk…)

So, since I started tracking presents, I kept doing that -and woot, printed thank you cards!  And you know, while I had everyone’s address in there, uh… CHRISTMAS CARDS! Because you have to make sure you send Christmas Cards to everyone who sent them last year, but if they haven’t sent them to you in two years, you don’t have to send one. But then they send one at the last minute and you have to send one back at the laster minute, and…  and then I just gave up sending Christmas cards anyway because I always wrote long cards with info and no one ever wrote a *#&$ thing back and just signed them.

I have started living on Kanban boards. I’m trying Trello for personal stuff to see if I can get my life a little bit more in order and under control. This may be impossible, but I need to at least try. Even though that’s not directly me designing and coding the database, it’s… similar.  Other than that, though, I keep my life pretty simple. So, no databases for me outside of work anymore. And you know, that’s okay 🙂