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The T-SQL Tuesday Post I Should Have Written

The November 2017 topic for T-SQL Tuesday was “Folks Who Have Made A Difference”.  And, although I don’t really have a good excuse to not have gotten this written on time, I still want to thank those who have made a difference for me regardless.

The first thank you goes to Steve Ingalls (known to most of my friends as Channel 0 Steve). He engaged me in my first professional database project – redesigning the chemical inventory database for the research branch of the Cleveland VA Hospital. It was a summer project between college years, and it was in (I know, I know *wince*) Access, but the guidance he gave me stood me in good stead then and ever since, as does his continued wisdom and humor.

The next shout goes out to Cheryl Johnson, who was my boss for many years while I worked for The Ohio State University (well, a small section of a segment of.) She allowed me to make mistakes and encouraged me to learn from them. I learned from her to take time in my work, which resulted in pride in what I created or helped create. She also showed me that women have a very definite place in the technology world.

That brings us to the the people who showed me #sqlfamily, including the best hugs ever.  I had the honor to be in Allen White’s Powershell precon at my first PASS Summit. (@SQLRunr) We connected because I might have been the smartass in the front row who likes to talk to presenters when they ask for audience participation. Allen has been nagging supporting me to become more involved with PASS and to give back to the community.  His encouragement has really meant a lot as I try to find ways to become involved – I’m not comfortable with public speaking, but maybe I’ll get there…. someday!

And last but by no means least, thank you to Mindy Curnutt (@sqlgirl). She and Eric Blinn (@SQL2TheSequel)  built up the dream team in our DBA Services group – each one of us had good basic skills, and exceptional skills in certain areas. I learned for the first time what it’s like to really work in a team of great people, and that I was valued for my contributions. This is no small thing. She is involved in many different activities and is inspiring in her work.

Thank you, all of you – for your support, for sharing your knowledge, and for being my friends.

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